Why am I a receiving a 403 error on my Trust20 for Teams Manager Dashboard?

A 403 error message appears if no one from your team has signed up for their training yet.

If you have purchased a Teams training package, you will be able to check on the progress of your team members very easily. Log in at http://learn.trust20.co/learn and scroll down on the learner homepage. You will see a few teal-colored icons such as “View Progress,” and “View Report” to check your team members’ progress individually or download whole team reports.

Preview of the Manager Dashboard and the reporting options.

If your team members have not signed up yet, you will likely encounter a 403 error message if you click any of these icons. But not to worry–there is nothing wrong with your manager account! Once your team members sign up using your referral link and they are connected to your manager account, these team progress pages will be accessible.

Example of a 403 error on the manager dashboard