How do I check my progress on the Trust20 Food Allergy Certificate Training?

Log into your account to view the status of your Food Allergy Certificate training.

If you would like to check the status of your Food Allergy Certificate training, log into your account on or through this link:

Enter your login credentials and then click “Start Learning” to access the training platform.

Start learning prompt on Access My Products page

Select your Food Allergy course from the homepage under “My Courses.” 

FA progress 01

It will show “0/2 lessons completed” if you haven’t completed your course modules yet. Click on “Finish Training” to continue your course, and then “Start Learning Now” on the following page.

Food Allergy Progress 1

A percentage of how much the course has been completed will appear in the center of the modules, and the completed modules will appear in green with a green check mark.

Food Allergy Course Progress 3

By clicking on the next module, it will show you which lessons are complete (with a green check mark) and which lessons need to be completed. Click the “Play” button to view the next lesson.

Food Allergy Course Progress 4

Once you have completed all modules of the course, select “Exit Course” to return to the course tasks page.

Food Allergy Progress 2

It will now show “1 of 2 lessons completed” since you have completed the course modules and are ready to take the final assessment.

Food Allergy Progress 3

Your course progress is saved when you close out of the course. If you need to step away from the course and continue it later, it is recommended that you close out of your course between sessions to prevent progress loss. When you log back in later, you will be able to pick up where you left off.