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How do I know my computer is compatible with the remote proctoring system for Trust20's CFPM exam?

You can test your computer, webcam, and microphone ahead of your scheduled testing session.

After purchasing access to a CFPM exam with Trust20, you will be sent information about how to log in to the testing platform, ProctorU, hosted by Meazure Learning.

Once logged in, you will be able to test your computer to make sure it is compatible with the proctoring system requirements. The equipment test will test your camera, your speaker and microphone, and your internet speed, as well as confirm if there are any external devices connected to your computer. 

Follow this link to log in: https://trust20.ysasecure.com/login

Preparing your equipment

First you will need to install Google Chrome and the ProctorU Chrome Extension for the test to run properly. 

You will be brought to the Exams page when you log in to the testing platform. Scroll down and you will see the option on the bottom of the page to test your equipment. Click the button with the owl to begin the process.

Button prompting equipment testing for CFPM exam.

You will be prompted to download Guardian Browser. Click the download option that is correct for your computer. Once the file is downloaded, click on it to open and follow the instructions that are prompted to complete the installation.

Guardian download prompt.

Guardian will prompt you to enable microphone and video access. Be sure to select “OK” for both to allow access.

Guardian Browser camera access request on iOS. Guardian Browser microphone access request on iOS.

Microphone and camera access request on a Mac.

Microphone and camera access request on a Windows PC

Microphone and camera access request on a Windows PC.

Testing your equipment

Once all of the system preferences have been adjusted according to the instructions, you will be able to access the automated equipment test page.

Passed equipment test

If your computer passes all of the tests, you will see green check marks next to each category.

CFPM Exam equipment testing pass

When you scroll down the page, you will see a message confirming that your equipment has passed the test, and notifying you that this does not guarantee your equipment’s functionality on exam day.

CFPM exam equipment test passing.

Failed equipment test

If one of the categories fails the equipment test, it will be shown with a red X next to it.

CFPM exam equipment testing failed

You will be able to scroll down and see why this category failed and how you can fix it.

Equipment failure explanation

It is important to do this equipment test ahead of time so that if there are any big changes that need to be made, you can do so before your scheduled exam, but it is a good idea to run the equipment test once again shortly before the exam just to be sure. You can find more information about equipment requirements here.

The proctored exam requires you to download Google Chrome, ProctorU plugin, and Guardian Browser to your computer. This cannot be done on a Chromebook.