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The course is stuck and will not progress, what should I do?

Contact Trust20 Support for help.

Try not to stress if your course is stuck! Trust20 Support is here to help. Simply go to our website and select “Help Center” from the top right of the page.

Finding the Help Center on Trust20's main navigation

Scroll down to the bottom of the Help Center homepage and click the “Contact Us” option. 


Fill in the fields with the name and email address that is registered to your Trust20 account. In the message description, let us know that your course is stuck and will not progress. A member from the Trust20 support team will be in touch as soon as possible and will be able to get your course issue resolved.


You can help prevent the course from becoming stuck! If you need to step away from the course and come back to it later, make sure to log out of the course completely to ensure that your progress is saved.

Please note that the business hours for Trust20 Support are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST. Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.