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What is required to get a Food Manager Certification in Ohio?

The Ohio Department of Health has its own rules about food safety certification. Learn about them now.

If you are located in the state of Ohio and looking to get your Food Manager Certification, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. First, you must complete the Ohio Food Manager Certificate training, pass the final assessment, and download your certificate of completion.
  2. Pass the proctored exam and download your credentials 
  3. Fill out an application from THIS APPLICATION LINK.
  4. Send your application and copies of both certificates to the Ohio Department of Health by email to foodsafety@odh.ohio.gov or by mail to: 
    Ohio Department of Health
    BEHRP Food Safety Program
    246 N. High St.
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
  5. The Ohio Department of Health will verify your documents, and they will process your Ohio Manager Certificate, which is what is required to be shown to the inspectors at the time of inspection.