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What is required to get Food Service Sanitation Manager credentials in Chicago?

Learn about the steps to get your Food Service Sanitation Manager credentials in Chicago.

Trust20 is an approved provider for training and certification exams in the City of Chicago. There are a few simple steps you will need to follow to get your Food Service Sanitation Manager credentials.

  1. Take Trust20’s Food Manager Training course and pass the final assessment.
  2. Earn your Certified Food Protection Manager credentials by passing the online proctored exam.
  3. Prepare these required documents:
    1. A copy of a your Food Protection Manager certificate
    2. Verification of Training Hours form which is available to download after completing the Food Manager training course
    3. A copy of a Valid Picture ID (Driver’s license, state ID, passport or other government issued ID).
    4. Completed application form.
  4. The fee is $52.00, which should be paid by cash or money order to Kennedy-King College. If applying through email upon approval of application you will be sent a link to pay by credit or debit card.

Applying by email

The required application documents need to be scanned and sent together in one PDF file, and sent all together in one email to kkc-fssp@ccc.edu. It is important to send these documents as one file, rather than separate attachments or separate emails, and they will not be accepted if they are sent as screenshots of the documents.

The name of your file and the subject line of the email should be your First name, Last name FSSM Application. For example, the subject line should look like this: John Doe FSSM Application.

More details on the email process can be found here.

Applying by mail

If applying by mail, include the required documents and pay with a money order in a self-addressed stamped envelope for a receipt.

Mailing Address:  

Kennedy King College  

Food Service Sanitation Program  

6301 South Halsted, W Building  

Chicago, IL  60621-3979

Applying in person

You can apply in person at Kennedy-King College (6343 S Halsted, W Building, Chicago, IL 60621). Bring printed copies of your Verification of Training Hours form and your Food Protection Manager certificate. Kennedy-King College accepts applications Monday-Thursday (9:00 AM - 3:30 PM) and Friday (9:00 AM -12:30 PM). A list of days that Kennedy-King College is closed can be found here.

*Your City of Chicago Food Service Sanitation Certificate will be mailed to your home address approximately six to eight weeks after your application is approved.

Learn more about the process on the Kennedy-King College website.