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How do I appeal the certificate decision on my training?

You can submit a request through Trust20's Appeal Form.

If you are taking our Food Handler or Food Allergy certificate courses, you are given two attempts to pass the final assessment to earn your certificate. Food Manager learners are given one attempt.

If you feel the decision about your assessment results and certificate is unfair, you can submit an appeal in writing through THIS FORM.

Trust20's Appeal Form

When submitting your appeal, make sure you fill in all the blank fields, and make sure you share the name and email address that are registered to your Trust20 account.

The appeals process follows these steps:

  1. Once the appeal has been submitted, Trust20 will review the information to determine if it meets the definition of an appeal and includes the necessary information to proceed with an investigation. If these requirements are met, you will be notified by email within one week of your submission that the appeal is considered validated. 

  2. An appeal panel which includes the Trust20 General Manager and Senior Accreditation Manager will be formed.

  3. The panel will identify the investigation needs, create a plan, and will request any additional information from you if necessary.

  4. Following the investigation by the appeal panel, the panel will deliberate privately to reach a majority decision. 

  5. You will be notified by email about the outcome of the appeal process within 45 calendar days of your submission. An appeal can be withdrawn at any time until an appeal decision is issued. When an appeal is not upheld or is withdrawn, Trust20 will not accept a future appeal on the same complainant decision.

Trust20 considers appeals to be confidential information and the appeal process is subject to Trust20’s Non Discrimination Policy. Trust20 will ensure that the appeal investigation and decision does not result in any discriminatory action.