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What am I allowed and not allowed to do during my CFPM exam?

The rules that Trust20 and Meazure Learning put in place protect the integrity of your certification. Read on for a summary of the guidelines.

During your exam to become a Certified Food Protection Manager, you are expected to maintain a high level of integrity. Before your exam, your proctor will give you all of the instructions you need to know and maintain throughout the exam session. 

Behaviors that are not allowed

There are actions that will not be tolerated during the exam session in order to protect the integrity and fairness of the testing process, and accountability among all candidates. 

During the exam, you will not be allowed to: 

  1. Use cell phones or other electronic devices
  2. Take pictures or screenshots of the exam
  3. Copy and paste any content from the exam
  4. Consistently look away from the screen
  5. Speak or whisper out loud during the exam, unless you have an accommodation
  6. Leave the room
  7. Have anyone over the age of ten years in the room
  8. Use any applications that facilitate cheating

A complete list of prohibited behaviors will be provided at the beginning of your proctored exam session and can be found here

Consequences and Retesting

It is up to Trust20 to decide on appropriate consequences for candidates depending on the rule violations. At Trust20’s discretion, test-takers may be given the opportunity to retake their exam. This is based on reports of suspicious events submitted by Meazure Learning to the General Manager and Accreditation Manager. 

If no substantial evidence of rule violations is found, candidates may be granted the opportunity to retake their exam once. If concrete evidence of cheating is discovered, candidates will not be eligible to retake their exam. 

In some cases, such as candidates who engage in disrespectful or abusive behavior toward proctors, candidates might be banned immediately and permanently. 

Appeals Process

Candidates have the right to submit an appeal to challenge the decision about their exam outcomes. This provides test-takers with the opportunity to present their case and provide any additional relevant information related to their circumstances. You can view the appeals process here: https://help.trust20.co/appeal-cfpm-exam-results.