What is the point of getting a food handler certificate, and how do I know Trust20 is the right one for me?

Trust20’s mobile-friendly, ANAB-accredited Food Handler Certificate Training helps you quickly and easily learn the essentials of food safety.

Why get a food handler certificate?

Many states require by law that all employees of foodservice establishments have a valid food handler certificate or food handler card from an ANAB-accredited organization. Even in the states that do not require this certificate, Trust20’s Food Handler Certificate Training is perfect for employees looking to learn basic food safety practices. It can also help a person-in-charge or Certified Food Protection Manager meet federal requirements for training new employees in food safety best practices. It can also be beneficial for food distributors, warehouse workers, and grocery store staff to receive food safety training to better understand time and temperature control, pest control, and how food becomes unsafe.

Trust20’s training course exists to provide and assess an understanding of the fundamentals of safe food handling methods. The course objectives include nine modules and after taking the Trust20 Food Handler training, each learner will be able to:

  • Identify the types of foodborne illnesses, their causes, and how to prevent them.
  • Describe the importance of proper food handling and the negative impact of foodborne illnesses.
  • Implement proper personal hygiene and health practices in the food workplace.
  • Implement the proper procedures of receiving and storing food before preparation.
  • Identify the types of food contamination: biological, physical, and chemical.
  • Describe the relationship of time, temperature, and control to food handling and how to properly take the temperature of food and maintain the temperature while storing food.
  • Enact the proper procedures to safely prepare, handle, and store food during and after preparation.
  • Enact proper cleaning and sanitation methods in the food workplace.
  • Implement proper pest prevention strategies, identify the signs of pest infestation, and enact the eradication procedures for pest infestation.

Deciding if Trust20 is the right training provider for you

When you search for “food safety training” or “food handler card,” you will likely be bombarded with endless choices. It is essential that before choosing a training platform, you should consider the following factors:

  • How long the course takes to complete
  • How the content is structured
  • When it was last updated (as regulations do change)
  • Which languages are offered
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Ease of use

Trust20’s ANAB-accredited training course was created with the help of industry experts and instructional designers with feedback from past and present food handlers. We regularly review the content in our courses to ensure it is still relevant and update it as needed. We also continuously make improvements to our mobile experience and we offer our courses in multiple languages. The course and assessment are designed to feel like a game to make the experience easy to use – and maybe even a little fun.

To learn more about if the Trust20 Food Handler Certificate Training is right for you please visit: https://resources.trust20.co/blog/is-trust20s-food-handler-training-right-for-me

Always check with your manager and local health department regarding the regulations for training and certificates for the jurisdictions you live in.