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What device and/or browser do I need to use for Trust20's products?

The technical requirements depend on the product you have purchased.

Trust20’s Food Handler and Food Allergy products will work on any device with access to an internet browser. Our Learning Management System works best on Google Chrome. They do not support Safari, and some functionality may be limited on Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

If taking your course on a mobile device, we recommend using our app to ensure the best possible experience. You can find more information about how to download our app HERE. 

If you are planning to take Trust20’s Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) Exam, you will need to use a computer with a working camera and microphone. You can learn more about how to prepare your computer and your space for your CFPM Exam here.

The proctored CFPM exam requires you to download Google Chrome, ProctorU plugin, and Guardian Browser to your computer. This cannot be done on a Chromebook or tablet.